Lunescapes Volume One Release Info & Tracklisting

At long last, I'm pleased to announce that my debut solo recording, Lunescapes Volume One is nearly ready for release. The record is mixed & mastered (we're just waiting on vinyl production to be completed) and will be made available later this winter, digitally as well as limited edition vinyl, CD & cassette via The Satellite Union & Psychic Troubles Tapes.

Recorded at home (mostly in the kitchen, on a sometimes unruly upright piano) the Lunescapes offer a series of instrumental vignettes, intimate landscapes, and lo-fi fantasies. Tracklisting & credits are as follows:

  1. Lunescape No. 13
  2. Lunescape No. 6 (for Larsen B)
  3. Lunescape No. 26
  4. Lunescape No. 17 (Taro)
  5. Lunescape No. 4
  6. Lunescape No. 2
  7. Lunescape No. 10 (Siri's Lament)
  8. Lunescape No. 1
  9. Lunescape No. 22 (You're Talking About Memories)
  10. Lunescape No. 11 (Long Distance Declaration)

Upright Piano, Analog synthesizers - Jeff Mercel // Pedal Steel Guitar - D. James Goodwin // Sonic Manipulations - Matthew Cullen // Violin & Viola - Jonathan Talbott // Cello - Jane Scarpantoni

Recorded at home by Jeff Mercel & Matthew Cullen // Additional recording by Jonathan Talbott // Mixed at The Isokon by D. James Goodwin // Mastered by Damon Whittemore at Valvetone // Cover image “Quo Vadis” by @rachelisdot // All music by Jeff Mercel / BMI ©2017


Lunescapes Cover Only.png